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First of all, Hi and second of all let me introduce you to what my blog is about. In this blog you are going to see a variety of topics. Like art, music, movies, food and much more. To every topic I talk about I will be giving my personal thoughts about said them. I hope all of you enjoy the content.

Privacy and Security

Hi to everyone and welcome back to one of my post. Today were going to be talking about privacy and security. I’m going to talk about how apps like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram know so much information about us. I’m going to also mention some articles and videos that talk about the topic. I […]

Feedly: My list

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to be talking about a beneficial app that can help in your browsing and have all your favorite websites in one place. This app is known as Feedly. For those that don’t know what Feedly is an application for various web browsers and mobile devices. […]

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