Welcome to My Blog

First of all, Hi and second of all let me introduce you to what my blog is about. In this blog you are going to see a variety of topics. Like art, music, movies, food and much more. To every topic I talk about I will be giving my personal thoughts about said them. I hope all of you enjoy the content.

Homework #9: Final Thoughts

Hi and welcome back. Today I’m going to be giving a reflection about the class I took known as INF 103. INF stands for informatics, this class thought me plenty of things. It thought me on how to start a blog and to investigate on different types of useful tools that can be used and […]

Final Project: Facial Recognition.

Hi and welcome back. Today I’m going to be sharing with all of you a presentation me and my colleagues did about the topic of facial recognition. This project was created by Jackeline Calixto, Nelson Cruz, Deyaneira Gonzalez, Angelica Miranda, Valeria Rodriguez and Me, Adriana Gotay. As mentioned this project talks about facial recognition, what […]

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