Homework #9: Final Thoughts

Hi and welcome back. Today I’m going to be giving a reflection about the class I took known as INF 103. INF stands for informatics, this class thought me plenty of things. It thought me on how to start a blog and to investigate on different types of useful tools that can be used and can be found on the internet. Part of those investigations and work assigned by the professor were the post I will mentioned below in the order they were posted:

1. Welcome to Adri’s opinion

2. My experience with the web

3. About Me

4. Homework #4: Collaboration and Google Drive

5. Feedly

6. Privacy and Security

7. Facial Recognition

8. Diigo

9. Coding

10. Final Project: Facial Recognition

These is a total of all the work assigned to us during the class. To see each post click on the title to direct you to the post.

During the semester I got a total of 63 visitors to this blog from February to May. On February there was a total of 10 visitors. On March there was a total of 32 visitors in that month. In April there was a total of only 9 visitors and on may there has been a total of 12 visitors.

This class thought me a lot about the internet, its features and tools. I always wanted to know how to create my own website and this class thought me how to do it, which was something I didn’t expect to learn. I was surprised when the profesor mentioned that we were going to be creating our own blogs. Also having to customize our blogs and give it our personal touch was very interesting and fun. Learning about how to embed was also a very educational part from the class.

Learning about Feddly, Diigo and other tools and websites, were very educational and interesting aspects from the class. This class was a fun and educational experience. Every part of it was. The profesor, Antonio Vantaggiato, for this class is the best. He is very charismatic and an amazing teacher, he’s one of those professors that wants the student to learn and understand the subject and can ask him any question and will always answers and make sure to keep explaining till the student understands. An auto evaluation for this class would be that, for me this class was simple, educational, fun and entertaining. I would also take another class with this professor cause of how entertaining and educational he is.

2 things I liked about this class were:

1. Learning on how to crate and customize our blogs.

2. I really enjoyed the final project and having the chance to investigate on an interesting topic, like facial recognition.

In full honesty, I wouldn’t change anything about this class. I consider this class, just the way it is, amazing and really educational. Every topic presented and discussed in class were entertaining and fun to learn about. I would recommend this class to anyone that’s interested in learning about informatics, I recommend this class 100%. I hope that all of you were able to learn from this post, see you guys next time.

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