My experience with the web

Us as a society are used to spending our time on the internet. Most of us can remember on how our grandparents and even how our own parents talked about the way they use to entertain themselves back in the day, which was for example playing outside, having to use books and other resources to find information, unlike us they didn’t have the same experience of going to google on their phone or computers to find what they were searching for. Now a days our even babies and kids can easily find what they’re looking for without help. Because of this there has been diverse opinion on the use of the internet, whether if its to actually help us or if it just makes us depending on it. But have we asked ourselves, what’s the actual importance of the internet in our life?, Why do some of us need it more then other?, like what is the importance of it?.

My experience with the internet while growing up was basically that of the times i wanted to use a computer to play a game watch videos or anything I had to ask for my parents permission. It wasn’t till I was in the age of 13 that they let me use the internet for myself. At the times I only used the internet was for homework and research. It isn’t till I get older and get a phone were I start to use the internet more. Not only was I using it for homework and things that were related to school, but I also started to use the internet to entertain my boredom, which is by watching YouTube, listening to music, watching posts on Instagram, and much more.

The internet is great for keeping us busy and entertain and has plenty of helpful advantages. It can be useful for plenty of aspects that can be beneficial for our personal and profesional life. In our personal life can be used for maintaining contact with our family and friends across the world, also helpful for looking information, being updated with news across the world, and more. In our profesional life it can be used for Networking, Being your own boss, creating your own business, etc. But also mentioning the positive aspects, there also have to demonstrate the negatives. If you wanna know more advantages that the internet has you can check out the link:

As much as I enjoy the web and its useful and positive aspects, we should also mention its negatives. The internet is know for being the best thing to ever happened to mankind but also is the worst. In an article made by titled “Four reasons why the Internet Is the worst thing to Happen to Humanity”, it talks about the negative impacts the internet has had on us. Being realistic at first I was a bit uneasy about the article, but when I read the information, the resources from the study’s it actually starts to make you aware of the negative impact. If interested in learning more I link the article down below.

Another negative aspect that we can see is the use some people may have for it. For example what we all know as “Influencers”. For those of you that might not know what an influencer is, the definition made by Influencer Marketing Hub, it says that an Influencer is someone who has, the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience. Basically Influencers are known for promoting things like products, clothing, meals, etc. Because of this society has thought that if an influencer promotes something, it means that it must be good or the best thing that has ever existed when in reality it might not be like that. There have been moments where Influencers have had backlash when promoting a product or something else, an example of this is the situation that occurred with “Fyre Festival”. If interested in learning more about this case you can see this article by CNBC:

Here’s a bit of an explanation about Fyre Festival by CNBC

Other then Influencers, there are what most of us know as Youtubers. Youtubers are known for creating and posting videos for YouTube. Some Youtubers some of you might have heard of are David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Dolan Twins, Shane Dawson and others. Most Youtubers are known for most of they’re content being dedicated to different types of audiences, but mostly to kids and teenagers. While some of these Youtubers appeal to what they’re audience want, others on the meanwhile don’t and post some videos or are involved in controversies that may or may not be appropriate for kids. Some known for these are Tana Mongue, Jake and Logan Paul, James Charles, Daniella Cohn and others. Most of they’re controversies have been about comments that shouldn’t have been made, situations that seem inappropriate cause of they’re age, while others have been about more serious situations.

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In general the internet, in each of our lives is considered and important aspect for or day to day routine. It has its positive as well as its negative. But is important for each of our lifestyles. My opinion on it is that we should all be more conscious on the time that we waste on the internet which can be time that we can use to be proactive in other things. I hope all of you could learn information that you might not have noticed, Thank you for reading, stay tune for more.