Welcome to Adri’s opinion

Hi, welcome to my blog. The post you are going to see in this blogs are going to be about my opinions, as in the name of the blog. Il be talking about different topics; art, music, makeup, movies, basically you name it and Il probably talk about it. I hope you all enjoy it very much.

This tweet is about a classmate reacting to what we did in class.
Black and white art photographed, showing no need of color for art.

Hi, i would like for all of you to know a bit more about me. I’m a student at the University del Sagrado Corazón. In minar of college. Studying Public Relations with a minor in Producing and Marketing Events. I’m currently taking a class of Informatics 103 seccion 002. Its a class I really enjoy and hope to learn more about computers to be able to apply it to my career.

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